Kiddy Magnifier


The world is full of fascinating objects and curious children will love examining all manner of items close up with this extra large wooden framed Magnifying Glass. Extra sturdy construction designed to endure everyday knocks and bumps. Includes a second higher magnification viewing window close to the handle.


Observe on a grand scale with our extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands.  Ideal for taking a closer look at critters, rocks, fabric, and so much more!

  • Flip-out stands for engaged, hands-free viewing.
  • Magnifier made from high grade plastic (not glass)
  • Each magnifier’s plastic lens measures 11.5cm in diameter and offers 4.5x magnification
  • Includes magnifiers in 6 different colors (each sold separately)
  • Real science tools that support life science explorations as children observe plants, animals and insects
    Plastic magnifiers measure a total of 20cm

Each magnifier is sold separately – colour will be randomly selected at the time of shipping


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