About Us

We started a little gift and party shop in Sydney and tried to bring convenience to local community. With Covid-19 situation, we had to close down our physical shop and start the online shop. Not sure if we will go back to have a physical shop, but we will stick to the online shop and post the products to customers in Australia, no matter where you live.

We are also setting up some Groupbuy products and trying to bring values to our customers. Although it may take a longer time for you to get the products, we believe it will be the most economical way for both sides of business and customers. We love to try this way out if you could help us to share our website link with your family, friends neighbors and colleagues. We are trying to be a real better shop, as the website name shows, to help customers purchase high quality products with affordable prices.

Meanwhile, you are always welcome to leave a message to our email address ( [email protected] ) regarding what products that you would like to buy together with other customers to save money. Once receiving your email, we will do some research. If the products are likely to be needed by other customers as well, we will organize a groupbuy online. Again, we need everyone to join in to share our idea and our website with people around to achieve the goal. Thanks a lot in advance! Have fun with your shopping, and we will do our best to serve you all! Love from BetterShop.Com.Au Team